Derequka Hostel

Coffee Tour

Just a stone’s throw away, 30 minutes from Pereira, lies an authentic coffee hacienda that promises to transport you straight into the heart of Colombia’s World Heritage Coffee Landscape. Walk amidst verdant coffee plantations, absorbing the vibrant rhythm of rural life, feeling the pulse of the traditions, customs, and culture of those who’ve dedicated their […]

Mountain Springs

Discover one of Colombia’s breathtaking high-altitude natural thermal springs, nestled in the Andes. Positioned in the buffer zone of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, you’re set to embark on a visual feast of contrasting landscapes. Imagine sweeping panoramic views, dense Frailejones forests, and the chance to spot the magnificent Andean condor in flight, along […]

Discover the Magic of the Cocora Valley

Derequka Hostel opens the door to step into the vibrant heart of Colombia’s Coffee Belt and let the Cocora Valley’s breathtaking beauty captivate your soul. Embark on an awe-inspiring 5km trail, weaving your path to the esteemed ACAIME Civil Society Reserve, a gem cradled in the verdant embrace of Salento. This isn’t just a journey; […]