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Coffee Tour

Just a stone’s throw away, 30 minutes from Pereira, lies an authentic coffee hacienda that promises to transport you straight into the heart of Colombia’s World Heritage Coffee Landscape. Walk amidst verdant coffee plantations, absorbing the vibrant rhythm of rural life, feeling the pulse of the traditions, customs, and culture of those who’ve dedicated their lives to this aromatic bean.

From seed to cup, journey through every meticulous stage – planting, transplanting, and marvel at the artisanal processes of pulping, washing, and drying. But that’s not all! Venture into the export hub and witness the grand voyage of these beans as they set forth to flavor your cup. The grand finale? An expert-led coffee-tasting workshop, where you’ll become a connoisseur, distinguishing flavors, quality, and brewing methods that distinguish an ordinary cup of coffee from an exceptional one.


  • Transportation: Pereira – Coffee Farm – Pereira. Coffee tour from seed to cup: Part 1 Plantation: Planting, harvesting, and processing.
  • Part 2 Industrialization: Hulling, roasting, grinding.
  • Part 3 Tasting: Test and get to know the different aromas, flavors, and preparations to achieve the best cup of coffee.
  • Lunch. Medical assistance insurance.

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$660,000 / Per Day / Per Guest

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