Derequka Hostel

Mountain Springs

Discover one of Colombia’s breathtaking high-altitude natural thermal springs, nestled in the Andes. Positioned in the buffer zone of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, you’re set to embark on a visual feast of contrasting landscapes. Imagine sweeping panoramic views, dense Frailejones forests, and the chance to spot the magnificent Andean condor in flight, along with a diverse array of high-altitude birds.

And as the cherry on top? Revel in up-close, awe-inspiring views of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, with its mesmerizing ash emissions painting the canvas of the sky – a vivid testament to its ongoing activity. Dive deep into nature’s marvel.

Are you ready for the spectacle?


  • Round trip transportation to La Bodega El Sifón.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Entrance to the hot springs.
  • Guided service.
  • Medical assistance insurance. Taxes.


$350,000 / Per Instance / Per Guest

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