Derequka Hostel


Amenities & Facilities

We do not give you just rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into our hotel and enjoy a refreshing, rejuvenating, day-off with us.


Step into a world where your imagination knows no bounds, where you can freely create, relax, play, learn, exercise, share, dream, and inspire. Our carefully crafted amenities are designed to provide you with limitless opportunities for self-expression and fulfillment

Serene Haven Patio

A place of relaxation and tranquility with lush greenery, comfortable seating, and gentle ambient lighting.

Shared Kitchen Oasis

Where you can unleash your inner chef, and embark on a gastronomic journey with like-minded guests

Comfortable Rooms

Our rooms are more than just a place to stay. The relaxing ambience will keep you happy all through.

Inviting Living Areas

Designed spaces perfect for connecting with fellow guests or finding a quiet corner to relax and reflect.

Guest WiFi

We offer fast-speed WiFi for guests who would like to stay connected while on vacation.

Friendly Concierge

Providing an elevated guest experience, and that's why our dedicated concierge service is available to you.

Ready to Come and Stay

If you've journeyed all the way to this part of our page, it's clear you're interested! Why wait any longer? We're eager to welcome you. So come, step into an exhilarating adventure, and start creating incredible memories with us. Book your stay now!"

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